Thursday, November 29, 2007

the wreath

On the Road Again !

We saw the sun come up on 475 this morning and ALL the American flags were hanging on for dear life. When we parked the trailer this evening the temps were up near 50 and the flags were just barely waving. It was a clear sunny day all the way. H's gas mileage was only 10 mpg instead of the 14 he was hoping for.

Traffic on 75 was bumper to bumper and mostly semi's. We passed 2 bad accidents and one involved a fairly new high camper. Did I mention the wind ??!!

We are camped at a very nice Lake Cumberland RV park , just south of Somerset Ky off 27. We would stop here again ! Not for a week, but great for passing thru. Wi Fi and cable !! H is happy! If the campground were closer to the water it would be great !

After we got settled in ( leveled and the heaters plugged in) we drove back to town and went thru a drive thru Christmas display that was set up on a hill overlooking one of the many marina's on Lake Cumberland. The lights that lit up the docks also made their own "light display" that danced on the dark waters. One of the Christmas displays was a wreath that went up and over the roadway so you had to drive thru it. When H learns how to attach photos to this blog, we'll share that photo with you !