Friday, January 2, 2015

Late Christmas Post

Ocala was dressed up for Christmas!

 Dick and Sharon’s home was no exception!  The tall tree in the living room was beautifully covered with a kazillion bright colored poinsettias and miles of gold mesh garlands and icicles.  Yes, in the beginning, the bottom was full of gaily-wrapped gifts of all sizes.  When D&S, D’s son Rick, and his daughter Terri and her husband John started opening gifts, the pile soon dwindled and all that was left was the gold lame under the tree.  The giant boxes disappeared and the stack of gift cards began piling up!  R manned the large black trash bag and we each had to quickly hone our basketball skills with our spent gift-wrapping and tissue paper wads!  Somebody walked in front of me as I was preparing my pitch from across the room.  I deftly arched the angle higher and applause soon erupted as my sphere found the depths of the black bag – with “nothing but net”!  Not even a single hair was disturbed on the unsuspecting passerby’s head!

Downtown Ocala has a lovely green square, complete with a white-railed gazebo and a stately tall Christmas tree that was adorned with bright lights and big red bows.  Christmas music was floating out from some hidden source.  The next block over was the “ice” skating rink decorated with different Disney characters.   But seeing a pretty young lady dressed as the littlest mermaid and a plastic “ice” rink didn’t quite make our day!
On several downtown corners and on several commercial properties were almost full sized fiberglass horses all painted brightly to represent a particular aspect of Ocala – the thoroughbred capital of Florida.   The one on the downtown square represented the Ocala National Forest and had a cougar and a deer painted on it’s sides and flanks.

The horse at the Central Florida College depicted founders of that institution.  We had gone to the college to see the miniature train set up that had been advertised for the Christmas Season.  It was a very nice setup but could not hold a candle to the display that the Swanton Ohio model train club puts together.

We’ve been to flea markets, done a little shopping, visited with dear friends from home and renewed past friendships here in the campground.  The trailer problem, however, once more reared its ugly overheating wheel on our way in from Salt Springs and has been fixed again.  The tire that was replaced last winter in Mt Dora has now been replaced.   

We will get to spend  Saturday evening out to dinner with D&S and then prepare to move on to Apopka and Kelly Park.