Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our last week at Moss Park

Things are calm in Moss Park. We fished one more day but it was too windy for that skinny canoe and the 2 horsepower motor that tried to push us along. It was H’s turn to catch the fish but he only hooked 2 that were way too little to even think about putting on a stringer. We took a day last week and went to visit with my dear high school friend from Toledo, Lois and her husband Dave over in Cocoa Beach. We had a lovely walk on the beach and then a seafood buffet lunch at a restaurant up in Port Canaveral. Our table looked out over the river and we were treated to watching dolphins swimming up stream while we enjoyed the good food and great conversation! H was disappointed that one of his other favorite campgrounds, Jetty Park, has raised their rates to the ceiling - which means we won’t be camping there on our way back up north.

We’ve become kick back, lazy campers. Our days have been spent walking thru the trails, riding our bikes from one end of the park to the other, watching the turkeys chase the sandhill cranes and the sandhill cranes chase the raccoons, listening to the Pileated woodpeckers tapping out a beat on the tree trunks and trying to guess what that little gray bird was or that warbler that H thought was a goldfinch. H has been chasing the sun around the tall pine trees with his book and easy chair and I’ve been making more of the heart shaped potholders that I love to make. When we sit sipping our morning coffee we are treated to watching the flock of turkeys and feisty herd of deer as they scramble to get the best bits of grain that George, the camp host and resident wildlife photographer puts out for them. At night when we have a campfire to cook brats or toast marshmallows we have to fight off the gang of hoarding raccoons! There were 8 circling us last night!!

The weather has turned “cool” again. One day it rained most of the day, which was okay because the rain was sure needed in this area. The temperatures have cooled off to the 50’s and low 60’s during the day and a couple of times down into the low 40’s at night. Today (Wednesday) is sunny and breezy but it is forecasted to be another freeze tonight! BUT - - there is no sleet and ice like up at home and the winds are nothing compared to Texas winds! LIFE IS GOOD!

We have gotten to know more new friends! Gene and Bobbie from Georgia! He’s just had surgery and is recovering slowly. Bobbie and I bonded right away! Imagine - - another Bobbie!! (She spells her name with “ie” tho!) And she plays the dulcimer. They just pulled out to return to their home and I miss her already.

H has promised me a nice dinner out tonight and a stop at Wal-Mart for more sewing supplies and groceries. Thursday we prepare to move on. Our next exciting parking spot is at Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney because H gets into Disney free on his birthday!! He may get into the park free on his “day” but camping fees are NOT free and neither is my cost to get into the park with him!! - And if we buy any food there?? Brother-in-law, Richard thinks that if H buys a beer and sandwich our “free” trip will only cost $999.95!! Oh well. Happy Birthday H!!