Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back in Ohio

Good wifi is SO difficult to acquire these days.

Sunday we did go back to the Horse Park – one more time, but I am afraid it pushed Harry to the horse limit! We watched part of the riding competition, both Western and English. The Gypsy horses were even more beautiful with someone on their backs, directing and guiding them thru their paces, feathers fluffing, manes and tails flying as they pranced around the show ring. We even dared to walk thru part of the Park without paying the fee to do so and admired a young copper colored stallion that was also admiring a palomino mare in the adjoining paddock! From there it was back to the trailer so Harry could work on his tan and read his book, while I worked on my knitting.

Monday we headed north thru some more back roads to top off our Kentucky visit with the last possible glimpse of horse farms. We crossed into Ohio at Aberdeen and stopped at Browns Restaurant for a very reasonable priced, yet very yummy breakfast. We had driven thru John Bryan State Park on a previous trip but it was now spring and we wanted to see it and Clifton Gorge when it was sunny and flowers were in bloom. In the rain, the gorge had been rugged and slippery, this time the trees and grass were green and there were a plethora of flowers on the Cliffside. Yes, Harry claimed I made him hike up and down yet another rock strewn, root infested “mountain path”!

Our stop for the day was at Buck Creek State Park on the northeast side of Springfield Ohio. The campground had ample grassy spaces between each blacktopped parking pad and a crazy male cardinal, which kept thinking the bird in the rear view mirror of the van wanted to fight. We enjoyed the green spaces with a lengthy walk thru the almost deserted campground and a plastic bag over the mirror solved the cardinal situation! .

Our trip ended Tuesday afternoon when we pulled into our driveway and took in the awesome beauty of our own green spaces of grass that now needed mowing and the vibrant hues of our own tulips in full glory of red, burgundy, white, pink, yellow and purple! Tall ones, short ones and double ones! Every flowerbed was ablaze! Our spicebush, lilac, redbud and dogwood were blooming! Kentucky couldn’t beat this!

Welcome Home!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kentucky Horse Park

Friday and Saturday – catch up time!

Friday we rode our bikes thru the GENTLY rolling park roads to the lake and then walked thru the park that was near the picnic area and up the trail to the other campground that is also in the resort. I remembered that there was a short trail to an arch at the end of that campground and shamed Harry into going on a “short hike”. It was fairly short -.3 of a mile up but it was a Billy goat path along the side of the ridge and led to a good-sized hole in the ground that actually had an arch across it. Of course, all the way up and all the way down the trail I heard ALL about the treacherous conditions that I forced him to go thru. The hillside was covered with trillium, violets and even small blue flags (tiny purple Siberian iris – only 5 to 6 inches tall). We even saw a Stinking Benjamin, which is a small maroon and green trillium, near the pathway! Friday afternoon was spent recovering from his strenuous exercise. Friday evening brought rain.’

Saturday morning was gray and as we pulled out, the view thru the Parkway was still beautiful in spite of the on and off drizzle. The fog, sitting tenderly in the valleys, was mystical as the winds picked it up and whooshed it around softly. By the time we reached Lexington and the Kentucky Horse Park the rain had quit but the winds had picked up.

Our camp spot is in the outside row near a hedge of honeysuckle. The spaces are very ample and the road out of the back of the campground leads right to the indoor arena and horse barns at the Horse Park! And that’s where we headed!

In the arena was a competition, which featured classes for kids from ages 7/8 and up to 10 yr olds. The classes focused on the ability of the rider to control their mount. Some of them had their hands full of more than just reins! From there we found the Gypsy horses! Wow – what beautiful creatures – manes and tails flowing and feathers on their legs that rival any Clydesdale champion! We met and talked to a young college aged lady who came all the way from Kansas to show her 4 yr old stallion and 1 yr old colt. The colt won his halter completion for his age and they both were in the costume segment of the show. We saw all so many gorgeous animals – each design in their black and white or brown and white OR sparkling white and gray dapple pattern, unique unto themselves alone. The retired stallions at Old Friends back in Versailles and the long legged young beauties in the Derby are magnificent but these horses are . . . . . fairy tale inspired!! And there will be more on Sunday!