Friday, February 19, 2010

East Central Florida

East Central Florida

No moss under our feet this past week! Saturday, February 13th we pulled out of WP Franklin and the winds were STILL blowing strong. All across the state of Florida we fought the winds. Since the Lake Okeechobee area has always been one of H’s favorite camping areas in the past, we pulled thru several and then drove up on the high ridge of the lake in the town of Pahokee to see what the lake was doing. Its water was dark and the winds were antagonizing the waves that were crashing into the few boats that were trying to stay secured in the small harbor. In the surrounding farmlands the winds were causing the sugarcane field fires to darken up the highways that crossed their path. Talk about pollution! It sure would not be allowed to happen up North, would it? We had lucked out and had secured a spot in Port St Lucie Lock and Dam Campground for 2 nights so our day’s journey ended early.

The winds were still blowing on Sunday and it was still “cool” but we found a big flea market to wander thru. We found the beach but – yep – too windy and cold to even enjoy a beach walk. Monday we moved again - up the outer barrier island on A1A and parked again - in Sebastian State Park. It was a sunny day and we walked out on the fisherman-lined jetties on both sides of the inlet and watched all the pelicans diving for food over and over again. Tuesday we moved again!

Moss Park is an Orange County Park that is just SE of Orlando. It is one of our favorites because it’s in the middle of a tall piney woods and surrounded by two pretty lakes – Lake Mary Jane and Hart Lake. A small channel that is lined on one side by park and the other side by thick jungle joins the two lakes together. This is the park where I caught those huge crappie last year! Yeah – check last year’s blog!

The greeting committee was there to see us within 5 minutes of our arrival! Sandhill Cranes are all over the place! According to George, the parks official photographer, there is a pair that is sitting on eggs again this year. I am hoping to go see her before we leave! The winds have settled down finally and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon. Yet another Sandhill Crane came to say Welcome Back! Each morning, deer wander just outside our campsite perimeter looking for some morsel to browse on! The trees are often full of unseen birds calling to each other. Crumbs spread on the ground draw down the chickadees and other small birds. This morning a strange looking squirrel came to say Hi by climbing on top of the picnic table that is only 6 feet from our door. Around here, the squirrels are huge creatures almost the size of a cat – bushy long gray tails and dark black heads. I put out a few crackers to lure him back but the only thing the crackers “lured” back was another Sandhill Crane! Oh well. I must ask George what those squirrels are called.

The weather is warming. Imagine – 60’s today and up into the 70’s in just 2 more days. Hopefully the canoe will be taken off the roof of the Jeep again and the fishing lures can be cast into the water – finally.