Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday Nite On The Town With Tex

We have not had a “date night” in such a long time! Harry decided we would dress up shine up the old pick-up truck and go into town to the Theatre! Check out Tex’s new boots and jacket! You can tell we’re dressed up because he has a crease in his denims! I’m still waiting for my haircut to grow out!

The Port Lavaca Main Street Theatre opened in the early 1900’s as a movie house but lay dormant for about 30 years till it was purchased in 1983 and then donated to the city in 1993. In early 1994 the restoration was begun and the first play was presented in late September 1994. Since then they have performed at least 5 productions a year including such plays as “The Wizard of Oz” and “ The Odd Couple”. The performance we were lucky enough to see was “ On Golden Pond”! The local actors were really good! You could hear Peter Fonda and Katherine Hepburn in the 2 that played their parts

Friday, February 22, 2008

Finding WiFi , not easy.

Rain, Rain go away! Wednesday was supposed to be cloudy with no rain till Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. HA!

We went exploring yesterday and found the tiny fishing village of Seadrift and then Port O’Connor which was advertised to be “The Best Kept Secret On the Gulf Coast”. We have not found the secret yet. 2 gas stations, 1 hardware store, ½ dozen restaurants, several marine supply places, lots of condos and fishing boats! This town was totally destroyed by a hurricane in the 1960’s so most of the town is fairly new. The restaurant that was recommended to us turned out to be on winter schedule and will not open till Friday. As we were looking for another restaurant, the heavens opened up and the torrent of rain came down! Everyone else in town had the same thought – get out of the rain and go to lunch. Every working person in town was on their lunch and were all at Cathy’s!!

We found several lakes and salt marshes that were listed as “kayak trails” and some very nice beaches. Coming cross country was a combination of cattle ranches, oil fields and salt marshes.

Today was foggy most of the day and so we drove to town and checked out several of the small shops that are in the “historic” downtown. Pretty soon, their “downtown” is gonna be history! Once back home, Harry decided he would go to the “office”! Since we do not have wifi, he’s been going up the road a block or so, across from another RV park that has free wifi. The park is just around the corner of the bay from us and Harry has found that he can pick up their signal out at the gazebo on the boardwalk! Now he can walk to work!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Port Lavaca Texas

Monday seems to be “Moving Day”! With a Northeast wind of 20-25mph coming at us we crossed over from Port Aransas on the ferry, up route 35, thru Rockport and parked in the city park campground in Port Lavaca. The Lighthouse Beach Bird Sanctuary and Campground has about 60 camp spots and we got the last one that was right next to the beach and the ½ mile boardwalk that takes you out over the water and thru the salt march. Each camping area has a cement cabana that covers your own picnic table. No wifi but Harry has cable TV, so instead of driving me nuts by flipping thru 3 or 4 channels, now he has a multitude to torture me with!

Today was gray and cool so we rode the bikes 5 miles down, around and thru Port Lavaca’s “historic” downtown area. We checked out an eclectic mix of stuff in a really old hardware store. There is also a restored old movie theater which now has plays put on by local actors. Friday we are going to go see “On Golden Pond”!

Since we haven’t found any wifi yet, we’ll be visiting the local library to be sending our blogs and email messages. So – in case we don’t get any messages posted for a few days, here is our BUSY schedule: Wed and Thursday are to be gray and rainy so we are going out to explore the area’s other interesting towns, Port O’Connor, Magnolia Beach (supposed to be good kayaking there) and Seabreeze. We’re hoping for warmer weather so we can put the kayaks in the water on Friday or Saturday. We’ve got beaches to comb too! And then Monday is Moving Day again!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Saturday was grey so we went to an indoor flea market and the Home and Garden Show in Corpus Christi with grocery shopping and gas on the way home. ANOTHER cold front came thru with the heavy dark clouds, some rain and plenty of wind. There were a few weather reports of possible tornados but most of the bad stuff went north of us near the Houston area.
Sunday morning brought an absolutely gorgeous day and I met it early with a walk on the beach!
We took a bike ride to town to call Miss Raegan so Gramma Bobbi could wish her a Happy Birthday! Unfortunately, they were not home. I'll send her a Yahoo card and try again on Monday. As the day progressed, the beaches filled up with weekenders and the jetty filled up with fishermen. This jetty goes out into the gulf for 1/2 mile and we dared walk the whole way stepping over fishing tackle and from one giant pink granite square boulder to the next! We watched pelicans, blue heron, seagulls and terns!! 2 large sea turtles and a pod of surf riding dolphins! Just like watching a nature special on TV - - dancing and leaping thru the air on the top of the biggest wave, just like surfers! Ride the waves and then dance back out to pick up another ride!!
Then, when that thrill had settled and we were sitting at the trailer reading, I gave a yelp at Harry and we jumped on the bikes and raced up to the campground building and then up to the 3rd floor to watch this freighter loaded down with a HUGEMONGUS oil rig on it going out the channel to the gulf!! Don't forget to double click on the pictures to enlarge them so you can see them better.
So, now the laundry is done and all my shells are bagged up, the bikes are on the rack and we'll be moving up the coast 72 miles to Port Lavaca in the morning. Again, we've said our Goodbyes. A special goodbye to the fun weekend office lady, CJ from Pennsylvania.