Saturday, February 14, 2009



Friday the 13th!

Bud and Carol came down from Lake Placid to join us for a trip to Fleamaster’s in Ft Myers, lunch and to visit the Edison/Ford Winter Estates. They were late and we started to be concerned because the day had started out very foggy and their trip down was to take an hour. Ha! They had followed their GPS like we did and “she” took them to the opposite side of the locks - just like “Lily” had done to us! As we had to, they also had to go 10 more miles to get to a bridge and back down to this side and our spot! Laughs were exchanged and off we went!

Fleamaster’s is the well known, very large, weekend flea market and it must have been well known because it was very crowded and very noisy, but H, Bud and I all found something to buy. Lunch was the Oasis CafĂ© in downtown Ft Myers and was worth the stop!

Thomas Edison purchased his 13 acre estate on the Caloosahatchee River (aka the Okeechobee Waterway!)in 1885 and built his Seminole Lodge in 1886. He and his wife made several additions - like the swimming pool in 1907 and Edison’s office and Moonlight Garden in 1928 when Mr. Edison was 80! The original Laboratory that was on the site of the office and garden are now in Greenfield Village!

In 1916, Henry Ford purchased the house next door so he could vacation with his good friend Thomas. Another good friend, Harvey Firestone gave a 4 foot Banyan Tree to Mr. Edison in 1925 when the 3 gentlemen went into business together, trying to find a domestic source to make rubber from the sap of the Banyan trees. This tree is now over an acre in diameter and is said to be the second largest in the world.

Our journey took us out to the causeway to Sanibel Island but since it was so late in the day (and the fee is now $6 to cross) we declined the ride and headed home. Before our goodbyes and hugs, we stopped for supper at the Rib House on Rt 80. Yummy ribs with 3 kinds of BBQ sauce to top them! After Bud and Carol left, H and I settled in to watch the rest of the sunset and enjoy a cup of coffee in the peaceful evening- in our comfy chairs by the calm waters of the river.



From the Wilderness to the Highlands to the Island!

Movin’ on from Ft Wilderness was a trick just to get out of the Disney complex! But we made it and down the road to Rt 27 we went to Highlands Hammock State Park Monday morning we stopped at Bud and Carol’s in Camp Florida RV Resort before heading further south to the WP Franklin Corp of Engineer Campground which is on an island on the north side of the Okeechobee Waterway, about 10 miles east of Ft Myers between Alva and Olga Florida. Our pull thru spot faces the water and the lock so during the day we can watch the variety of vessels “lock thru” and in the evening we can fish right from the waters edge or enjoy a cup of coffee while the sun slowly seeps into the western horizon.

Tuesday was the day that President Obama was in Ft Myers and so were we! Thankfully we passed thru town right before his plane was to land. Traffic out on Ft Myers Beach was horrid and H wasn’t happy that we had to pay just to park the Jeep and walk the beaches. I did find a sand dollar out on Lovers Key, so I guess it was worth it. A delicious lunch of Grouper and fries at the Fish House in Bonita Springs took care of our growling stomachs.

We found the local library on Wednesday and a huge flea market that was open and then just stayed on Rt 41 north to Emily’s winter home in Port Charlotte for a visit. Thursday we stayed home and completed a few chores. My sewing machine finally came out of its case again and a few more heart shaped potholders were completed. I’ve sold quite a few but my supply still keeps growing! H says I have to quit making them until I have an inventory reduction sale!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Happy Birthday H!!

Another whirlwind weekend! Hugged George at Moss Park goodbye and wished him safe travels and off we went to Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney. After acquainting ourselves with the layout of the campground and pricing the single bottles of beer at the General Store ($5.25) we took the boat ride to the Wilderness Lodge, which is the replica of the magnificent lodge in Yellowstone. From there it was off to the Contemporary Resort and a ride around the park on the monorail before heading back to the campground via another boat ride.

Up early and out to the bus stop on H’s Birthday – didn’t want to miss a minute of his FREE pass! The bus picked us up at the end of our campground loop and took us to the outpost where we switched buses and rode to the front gates of the Hollywood Studios for a day of excitement and thrills!?? Since we were “resort” folks, we were allowed to enter the park early - just after 8am and we traveled from the deserted streets of New York to the almost empty hills of San Francisco. Disappointment almost overtook H when he found out that 3 of the attractions were closed. We took a time out and reversed our bus rides and went back to the trailer for a lunch break and a bit of quiet time. Soon we were back to the park tho and filled the afternoon with more pavement pounding and crowd dodging. We had learned to obtain a “fast pass” on several rides and made good use of them during the busy afternoon. Toy Story Mania was one of our favorites. It was a cartoon shooting arcade pitting one rider against the partner in the car. Yes, it was his birthday so I let him beat me! We attended the afternoon Block Party Bash - the equivalent of the Magic Kingdom Parade only with Woody, Buzz and their pals!! NO – we did not ride the Tower of Terror! Several of our friends said we should but after listening to ALL the screaming – even H decided that he didn’t want to ride it!
The most exhausting scary ride was the Rock n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith! Loud! Wild! FAST! DARK! I really did not want to ride but did. Guess which one of us got sick to his stomach! We heard the screaming on that ride way toooooo late!!
The park closed at 8pm and it was 10 minutes till when we staggered out to catch the bus back to the campground.