Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Best wishes for health and happiness in the New Year!  Healing and comfort also!

The heat and humidity is still abounds as we said “Goodbye” to all our new friends and moved out of Salt Springs and headed for Ross Prairie Campground just south of Ocala in preparation for spending Christmas with D&S.  As usual, my sister has decorated the inside of their home with brightly colored trees, poinsettias, red ribbons and anything sparkly and gold!  Out front, surrounded by more poinsettias, was my favorite large white 3-piece Nativity Scene that has greeted us for the last 7 years of our spending the holiday with them!  On the front door was a beautiful, welcoming wreath and the walkway was lined with the large red bells that played Christmas music when you walked by!  Christmas Day was enjoyed by visiting with D’s son, daughter and son in law and caught up with the events of the last year!   After our scrumptious dinner we came home with leftovers to enjoy! 

Our time in Ocala was shorter this year but we did find the time to go re-explore Dunnellon, the Rainbow River and Rainbow Springs State Park. Of course, we walked the sprawling Paddock Mall, Dicks Sporting Goods and even Hobby Lobby!!

The path leading from Ocala was much more uneventful this year than last - with it’s multi stopping to cool off the overheated wheel bearings!  The “train” cruised on with only a short delay for breakfast at Cracker Barrel where we thoroughly enjoyed one of our Christmas Gift Cards! 
Marina lights and reflections

Trimble Park, just outside of Mt Dora, is one of our favorites.  And Mt Dora celebrates Christmas to the fullest!   We delayed our first trip to town till after the gorgeous coral sunset had faded and the homes along the roadway had turned on their sparkling decorations of lights.  SPFB’s for my blathering about the millions of bright lights that adorn the large marina that we pass by each time we go to downtown!  This year they even outdid themselves with all the boathouses covered in bright blue lights that reflected over the ripples on the water of the small cove.  From our vantage point you could see the palm trees, standing tall and wound around with even more bright lights.  HA!  Maybe we should have worn our sunglasses! As we drove by the decorated fence, there was a big red boat parked, with a big red Santa occupying the Captains seat.  Several reindeer were in the back seat!  A nativity completed the collection of holiday scenes.
We managed to find a parking spot on the crowded streets and strolled the busy shopping area of downtown.  The tall Christmas tree that used to be hid in a large empty plaza has been moved to the middle of a blocked off street so you don’t have to go far to be amazed by this brightly lit spectacle.  The lights still dance and change with the music!   Across the street is a 1920’s bungalow that has been transformed into a gift shop.  It’s covered with lights and decorated in a gingerbread theme!  Down the hill is the public marina so you can see and hear the tree from the waterfront!  The shops that line the narrow streets are outlined with more lights and all the small trees that dot the sidewalks are draped with even more white lights!  We really should have worn our sunglasses!

So, we’re parked in Trimble Park now for 2 weeks to enjoy the scenery and make more new friends.  Stay tuned, dear ones and we’ll share our adventure with you!