Saturday, February 23, 2013


Melbourne Florida always means Wickham Park. SPFBS! That's plural since we always seem to end up there each year! Ron snagged the site next to him for us so we got to be neighbors for a week. And there was no "Wickham Shuffle" this time! The park has done some upgrading - sewer hookups are now at each site. However - IF we could have hooked up, the back of our "condo" would have been up against the pavilion that sits in the middle of the campground loop. Oh well, at the end of the week we hooked up to move and then backed up, moved over and used the sewer.

H's birthday at Phipps Park was pretty mundane and Ron's birthday on the 11th was almost the same. The difference was that we all went out to a yummy dinner at Meg O'Malleys in downtown Melbourne. Some of the items on the menu had some pretty strange names but most of the food was VERY delicious. My Shepherds Pie was fabulous. H had a blue crab and shrimp sandwich with fries and slaw. He left only bread crumbs! Dave and Lois came over to visit so of course we went out for seafood! This time we enjoyed grouper at Fishbone Willy's.

We did manage to get to the beach one time. We tried to pick the warmest, nicest day which also turned out to be a windy day. The red and purple lifeguard flags were hanging on for dear life. They were warning everyone of the rip currants that pounded the beach with each crashing wave. The damp beach was dotted with puffy blue jellyfish. We both steered clear of their dark dangerous tentacles that layed so still, waiting to sting the person who stepped on them in error.

Our elderly Toshiba laptop computer is dying a slow agonizing death. It has become increasingly slower and slower. H has tried just about everything to revive it to no avail. Hence our task for the week was to find a suitable replacement. Nearly impossible, but a newer version of Toshiba has been purchaed. Windows 8, however, is NOT H's favorite! And my easy to use and understand Juno is no more. In time we'll both get used to the new programs, I hope.

But for now, it's time to move up to my favorite Moss Park in Orlando.