Saturday, December 5, 2009



Saturday, December 5 – we have moved south from the wet, swampy state park just outside Savannah to a wet county park on Blythe Island, just SW from Brunswick Ga. The sun has finally come out for a while this afternoon and the temps are above 50 degrees. It poured down ALL night long and the “mobile motel” should now be called the “Aerolite Ark” because we woke up this morning parked in the middle of a HUGE puddle! H had to pull out onto the roadway before he could finish the chore of hooking up and putting everything away. It has rained everyday since we left Michigan and twice was an all night, steady downpour of rain. Last night the sound of the rain on the roof was like being inside of a popcorn popper that never ran out of exploding kernels.

Historic Savannah was decorated for Christmas and we walked thru the shops, both down on the riverfront and on the upper street level. Poinsettias were plentiful and festive wreaths were hung on most doors! The cobblestone streets and the gas lamps flickering on the various storefronts easily took us back in time. All that was needed were the ladies in their long dresses and the gentlemen in their waistcoats! Christmas music floated on the air from different areas and at one small waterside park there was an elderly gentleman playing carols on his clarinet. I spoke a “Good Morning” to a man who was weaving roses and intricate crosses from reeds and he handed me one and said it was a gift. I tried to decline and teased him that it was one way to make a sale! He said – no- it was a gift because I was nice to him. Yeah, I gave him a dollar. I’m a softy and H fussed that I am. Two brightly decorated paddlewheel boats were secured to the seawall and just up from them was a grand dame of a tall ship named Peacemaker. The sign at the boarding ramp said “free tours” and up we went! She was 150 ft long and stood 126 ft tall. A big girl – she weighed 380 tons! A beautiful lady! As we visited with a gentleman who seemed to be in charge, we watched 2 mammoth ocean freighters cross by each other – one coming down river and the other – one of the largest ocean going cargo container ships from China going up river. The upriver vessel was guided by a tugboat that was bigger than any we see on the Maumee! As they passed close by the moored tall ship, we felt the power of their engines.

From downtown Savannah we crossed over to Tybee Island and had to stop for a side trip to Cockspur Island to visit Fort Pulaski National Monument. We arrived just in time for a guided tour and learned all about her 18 year building process and the short Civil War battle that ended her short career as a fort. We continued out onto Tybee Island, hoping to be present for their lighted Christmas parade but the rains came and we went - - back to the campground and out of the downpour.

This morning we followed Rt 17 past several plantations and thru swamps and mixed forests of both hardwoods and tall skinny pines. All along the way the roads were lined with fall colors of bright yellows, reds, oranges and dark greens of the live oaks. Oh yeah - - - palm trees and Spanish moss, too!!! Northern Georgia has snow and this area still has fall colors!

At 2 30pm, H says its now 55 degrees and the sun is STILL shining! He’s had his nap and we’ll be heading to Historic Downtown to find some more Christmas decorations! May visit another island while we’re out!

Heading South Again

December 2nd - we’re on the road again! Going places that we’ve never been!!! Our “mobile motel” pulled out on Wednesday morning just before 8am and got in the long line of vehicles who had to go to work that morning. HA! We kept going and ended up at a rustic little campground just after 5 o’clock in Camp Creek State Park on Rt 77, just south of Beckley W Va. Glad to be off the windy and wet road, we really didn’t mind that it rained all night – we were safe and dry -- and slept well, inspite of our colds.

Back up on the road again, thru Virginia and into North Carolina. Our 1st stop for the morning was breakfast in Elkins. On the menu was something that neither of us had ever seen, so I HAD to try it. Livermush! A molded mixture of ground liver and cornmeal fried to a crispy brown– so said the waitress. And whatever else was in it, I will never know! It was interesting but will never force bacon off my list of favorite pork items. We left the 4-lane expressway in Columbia, South Carolina and drove the rest of the way thru the state on 2 laned Rt 321, past several cotton growing areas and slowed down for the many small towns complete with cop cars sitting at the 1st speed sign of each town. 5 o’clock traffic in Savannah, Georgia is just like 5 o’clock traffic in ANY city!! Stop. Go. Stop again! But what a good way to see the restored old southern buildings and neighborhoods! Ok, so H didn’t think so either. We are parked at Skidaway Island State Park just SE of Savannah for the next day or so. Just enough time to see the town decorated for Christmas. All the local parades and festivals are tonight and tomorrow. We have a lot of things to cover in the next day so we’ll chat again later. Wifi is up at the park office!