Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good Day For A Boat Ride

Good Morning! is what the crows meant to say at sun up but it came out their own echoing “Caw, Caw!!” The mist in this “holler” quickly receded back up into the top of the treeline and we got the boat ready to go explore! On the water by 9 30am and the sky was dark blue and totally clear. In this blog picture we are facing almost north and around that next curve is New York State! Next time the boat goes in the water, we’ll head that direction. We headed south this time and kept to the west side of the reservoir, checking out all the little bays and inlets with all their “no wake” bouys and pictureque campgrounds. No problem in finding the dam, which doesn’t look quite as impressive from our low vantage point today. We made it as far south as “Red Bridge”, which is a campground next to a bridge - - - a green bridge. A lovely deep bay was the perfect spot to anchor and enjoy our lunch before continuing up the east side. Gas at the marina was $4.69- not as bad as expected since gas in town yesterday was $3.99. Too bad we hadn’t remembered to take the gas can with us tho! Free wifi for the cost of his beer and my iced tea! But a great spot to send our last blog, get emails, stretch our legs, enjoy the panorama from the top of a hill and watch the children feed the gargantuan carp and multitude of ducks. The boat was back on it’s trailer and we were ready for “Happy Hour” by 4pm. Now it’s time to think about supper and the plans for Friday !

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Allegheny Reservior

Thursday, July 25th, we finally put the “big boat”, Harry’s Citation, in the Maumee River to make sure it would run as it is the toy of choice for this next wandering of ours! All was well on the Maumee and we even saw 2 eagles soaring high over one of the islands! We brought the boat home and proceeded to get her and the tent packed for our venture to the Allegheny National Forest and Reservoir for a week of camping and exploring the wild and beautiful long curvy reservoir which runs from Pennsylvania up into New York.

Tuesday July 28th was another good day to be on the road and it was an easy trip to Pennsylvania via route 90, past Erie and on to New York and Jamestown. The rest area there was on a high hill overlooking the 16-mile long beautiful Chautauqua Lake, which we are hoping to come back to and spend some time on. Just past all the Jamestown exits we headed south, back into Pennsylvania and the Willow Bay Campground. The camp spots are nicely spaced and this campground is less than ½ full.

After we got the tent and screen room set up our first objective was to find the boat ramp – by walking thru the other 2 campground loops, thru a pine woodland area with a shaded path that lead thru rock strewn fern clumps growing by the bay. Supper done and we were ready to pack it in since there were NO TV stations and only 2 radio stations. The sun set and our eyes closed but then the clanging started at the dumpster down the way!!! As we found out the next day - - - - a bear had enjoyed his late evening snack and then distributed the remains all the way to the creek!

Weds July 29th brought gray skies and promise of rain so Harry flipped his dice and elected to go explore the area via truck! We found several other NF campgrounds, the beach area, a marina and the Kinzua Dam. We round about the back roads and stopped for ice cream and then found Bradford Pa but not the Wal-mart. Home for supper and our entertainment for the evening: watching “Frick and Frack” the new neighbors try and back in their 5th wheel trailer. Must have been their first time to back it in. The driver of the truck is old, walks with a cane and hunched over. His son didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing. NOT A CLUE!!