Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fort Myers Area

Fort Myers Area

Wow – how long has it been?? February 10th – we are the furthest south as we will get this winter. The “mobile motel” has been parked at the WP Franklin Lock and Dam Corp of Engr’s Campground on the Caloosahatchee River just east of Fort Myers. One of our favorite campgrounds, this park is on an island in the middle of the river and has only 29 sites, each facing the water. Last year we were on the lock side of the island and this year we face a small cove. Across the water is a huge big live oak tree and 2 eagles roost there every morning and evening!

The weather has been cool (COLD), windy (VERY) and more rain than we would have liked to have endured. Thankfully when it rains – the winds die down some. But – when we watch the national news on TV and see ALL the blizzards and snow and bad weather up across the states – we realize “it ain’t so bad down here”. The “mobile motel” just gets a bit small after awhile tho!

I did get to have my “Girlfriend Fix”! H took me up to Punta Gorda and Em came down from Port Charlotte and we had a delightful day of shopping, eating and girl talking! The only frustrating part of the day was trying to reach H via his new cell phone that was to have kept the original number - - and didn’t.

B & C came down from Lake Placid to spend a day and we hit the flea market before using up our tickets to the Edison/Ford Estates that we toured last year. Since the Ford winter home was closed then, we were all issued return tickets to visit the estates again. We were looking forward to enjoying the antique car show of over 100 Fords that was to be held on the property. HOWEVER - - when we arrived, all of the beautiful old vehicles were preparing to leave because they too had had enough of the cold and wind! It was even too cold to walk the estate grounds because the strong winds were coming right off the Gulf.

Sunday, February 7th was H’s birthday and his brother R and wife N came over from their parking spot in LaBelle to celebrate the day. Again – cool and breezy. The Fleamaster Flea Market is the biggest in the area and N and I made it thru 3/4th of it before the “boys” called! We sang Happy Birthday to both boys (R’s big day is the 11th!) and then enjoyed another great BBQ dinner at Rib City.

In the 2 months that we’ve been gone the canoe had only been off the roof of the Jeep twice. Now the count has risen to 3! And the tiny craft has made it into this brackish water twice – one venture was uphill and INTO the wind BOTH ways!! It was close but we made it back!

My sewing machine has managed to make it out of its case on a couple of the warmer and less windy days. Up in Highland Hammock State Park I sold a few of my heart shaped potholders and a purse. While here I’ve even sold a few more potholders! I’m working on another purse and a whole bunch more potholders but the weather is not looking to promising to be sewing outdoors.

Today we went exploring over near LaBelle and Ortona and on the way back we passed this pasture with cows and horses - and a huge shaggy camel! H had to turn around so we could take a picture of it! This area is all grazing and groves - - - grazing cows and horses and groves of oranges! One pasture even has llamas! But a camel?!!

Saturday, the 13th we are moving east for 2 days at the St Lucie Lock and Dam campground, just southwest of Stuart. From there we’ll start working our way north to Moss Park.