Friday, February 15, 2008


A week on this beach! The first evening was cloudy but the rest have been ALL sun! The forecast for today is cloudy/ windy and Saturday afternoon the next cold front is to come in. Some tv stations are forecasting thunderstorms and possible hail. Just like up home - depends on which station you watch!
We've been out riding our bikes and exploring this nice little town! Lots of fishing piers to sit and watch the dolphins, all the different birds and all the boats. Nice clean harbors and a multitude of little pockets of wildlife sanctuaries stuck in behind housing developments or along the highway. Plenty of restaurants ( which we haven't tried yet) and souvenir shops that are stocking up for the spring breakers. MILES of beaches for me to walk and hunt for "treasures"! This morning I did find a sand dollar and a big bunch of black scallops!
This building was just built last year and houses the resort quality bathroom facilities , a nice clean laundromat and the park offices. The solid part in the middle of the ground level is an elevator that goes to the main floor and also up to the top of the building which is the neatest observation post where you can see up and down the beach and can see the shipping channel where all the ocean going freighters come in and out!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Happy Camper

LOOK ! H has his picnic table and he's cookin' outside!! He's happy !! We had our coffee and breakfast outside with our backs to the sun! And check out that spiffy wheel cover while you're looking at that picture. Compliments of Bobbi's Machine Shop!
After breakfast we took off on our bikes and wound our way to the ferry dock. Over the intercoastal waterway and then back over again. The odometer said 12 miles when we finally made our way back to the campground. Then the cold front came in and the skys got dark and the rain let loose. The temps went from 80 down to 65.
We've met some interesting folks already. Across from us is a couple from Belleville Mich near Yspilanti! Across the other way is a young couple that H camped next to last February in a county park near Ft Myers Florida and they are from the Flat Rock area! Now what are the chances ?? Then over in the corner was a big old bus that had a trailer with a Jeep , lots of junk and a Route 66 Yamaha motorcycle like H's! And in front of it was parked a Suzuki Samuri!! (neither the Zuki nor the Route 66 were near the good condition of H's)
And - I forgot to tell you that when we pulled out of the campground at the National Seashore - - we saw 2 coyotes !! Way neat ! Of course, all along we've seen lots and lots of different kinds of shorebirds.

Monday, February 11, 2008



We're on the move !! It's official - - we're camping again! We said our last goodbyes to all of our new friends at Sunshine RV Park and headed north. We had our last Mexican meal on rt77 heading to Corpus Christi. Our voyage ended at the campground at the National Seashore on Padre Island. The price was right - $4! Minimal facilities but again - - some very nice folks! As we pulled in we were invited to join the fish fry that was going on! Several of the men had caught all the fish right out from the beach! Good fish,too! The ladies all brought pot luck! We even met a couple who used to live in Ai, Ohio - out in Fulton County!! The 2 guys had a good time sharing stories.

Now, about this strange vehicle - the Unimog!! The folks are from Germany. They unloaded their vehicle in San Diego and are driving it to Boston, via the entire southern United States, including Florida!! They can only stay in the states for 1 year, according to their visas. From what they've said, they have even toured Africa in it!!

Monday morning we really put on the miles-25. From Padre Island at the southern end of Corpus Christi , north to Mustang Island and the county park in Port Aransas on the northern end of Corpus Christi. This is the same county park that we stayed at on our way down! We'll be here a week! YES - - free wifi!!