Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apopka Fl.

Moss Park has always been one of our favorite places to visit. Kelly Park, in Apopka, is another Orange County Park that we like and is the 3rd of the 4 Orange County parks that we have called home this trip. Like Moss, Kelly is woodsy and quiet with a winding one way road encircling the campground. What looks at first glance to be gravel, the roadbed and parking pads are really millions of seashells - some still intact, and some crushed to powder. Some of the "intact" ones are now packed away to bring home! It always and forever will amaze me as to what those beautiful little shells have gone thru and STILL some are whole and perfectly formed. They've been dug up from the ocean's bottom and dumped on roadways where heavy trucks and trailers pack them into the ground.

The weather has turned "cool" but we did manage to select the warmest/sunniest day and make a bike run to the swimming area with our snorkel equipment and wetsuits. Once there tho, we realized that the wooden boardwalk that used to meander thru the jungle to the headsprings of Rock Spring Run ( here it comes - SPFB!) had been removed and a new, longer cement walk had been built - up on the higher ground near the picnic and bath house area. The bikes were parked at the swimming area and BOTH pairs of my glasses - sun and regular - secured in the little plastic container and left in the basket of the bike. We set off with snorkel equipment and suits in hand. I chose to still wear my hat so that at least these old eyes of mine would be shielded from some of the suns bright rays. Then, all alone, we were up at the headspring and ready to cast our fragile bodies into the cold rushing waters that were gushing ( sheesh, how dramatic!) out of the deep cave and rushing by the large moss covered boulders. With H's new camera - you can now see why it is called "ROCK Springs! What was I to do with my hat? At first I tied it to the long ribbon on the back of my suit but that didn't work too well. The hat was floating faster than I was and kept getting in my way. IF there would have been an alligator - I might not have seen it due to the big wet white blob in front of my mask! Remember - last year there WAS an alligator in the run! Problem solved - I put the already wet hat on my head! No big deal! I was floating on the top of the water anyway and it was still attached to the ribbon on my suit. Yes - H DID think I looked funny and probably so did the folks who were standing on the bridge as we floated along and under! Last year I told you about all the fish and turtles we saw as we floated along and now H can prove it. Check out this nice bass! One of many!

In Moss Park there were sandhill cranes. When we drove in to Kelly Park there was a very prominent sign that said a bear had been cited! Since our big picture window faced out into the woods we - no - I was constantly scanning the forest for dark black stumps that moved. None did. However, every day a flock of at least a dozen or so big black hen turkeys played follow the leader, scratching their way thru the entire park Most days they were followed by several even bigger darker Tom Turkeys who were more interested in impressing the ladies with their puffed up chest feathers and fanned tails than hunting for their own afternoon meals.

One day after a hard morning of shopping, our afternoon meal was at "The Catfish Place" in Apopka! When we stayed in Moss Park we ate at "The Catfish Place" in St Cloud 3 times in one week. It was necessary to find out if the two restaurants were related and if this one was as good as the other. The father owns the St Cloud Place and the son owns the Apopka Place! Each scallop dinner was just a little different but still way delicious!

Wilderness Park is now home for 3 nights while we pause in the Ocala area to visit and then say our goodbyes to my sister Sharon and her hubby Richard! H broke his drill that he uses for cranking the jacks up and down so we headed to Sears before meeting D&S at Logan's Steakhouse. Nothing has changed at Wilderness RV Park and Resort in Silver Springs since last year but now it is full of RV's and motorhomes and it is cold! Temps at 7am on Sunday March 3rd were 35 degrees! It is to be even colder tonight. The trusty little heaters are doing a fine job of keeping up and the heated mattress pad is great!

We've met some nice folks in just the day or so that we've been here. Gary is a row over and has the twin to H's pretty bright blue truck except it is a 2012 eco boost with no cap and no chrome panels at the bottom! Our next door neighbors, Charlie and Diane are on their first winter adventure in their 5th wheel toy hauler that they drug down from the U.P. of Michigan! Their cat and 3 birds have accompanied them - along with a big red motorcycle - - - hence the toy hauler eh! Charlie even has the Yooper accent! Diane's dad grew up in Toledo!

On Monday we move up and over to Salt Springs Campground in the Ocala National Forest. Each time we move now we will get a little farther north and a little closer to home. I'm afraid from here on, we'll be wearing long pants. The sandals may get packed away soon, too. But - the adventure is not over yet!