Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grousehaven Lake at Rifle River Recreation Area

The Last Post is Always Late!

The last post to this blog is always late! When you return home from a trip the first thing that has to be done is empty the trailer of all the dirty clothes and then fill it back up with clean stuff so you are ready when the road calls the next time! We’ve been home several days now. The laundry is done, the pantry and linens are restocked and the Aerolite is covered and parked in the backyard. The yard is mowed and weeds are pulled. Now, I can download pictures and finish up our tale! I’d better hurry because Harry says in 15 days – that’s the limit – we’ll be on the road again - - - going somewhere!!

Sunday September 14th, we left the rain soaked Upper Peninsula of Michigan and headed south across the mighty Mac Bridge – looking for cheaper gas. The tank was on empty and the dash light was glaring! Gas in St Ignace had gone from $3.98 on Friday morning to $4.09 and then to $4.29! Once the tank was full we parked and walked the town to see if there were any end of season bargains. None that we needed so we turned the windshield wipers on again and moved on down the wet pavement to Carp Lake and to spend a wonderful day visiting with Mel and Donna! The guys grilled pork loins to perfection on the charcoal grill while we ladies tried to catch up on our girl talk that was way over due! The downpour of rain continued as the evening crept closer and we hugged them for one more time and we continued down Rt 31 to Burt Lake State Park. We needed a good nights sleep and thankfully got one.

Monday was an early escape and run for the southbound I75 to the Roscommon exit for breakfast at another “favorite” breakfast spot where we ALWAYS have potato pancakes. They did not disappoint! Another favorite camp spot is #25 at Grousehaven Campground in the Rifle River Recreation Area. Once set up the Jeep headed west and north of Rose City and “Lily” the gps guided us up and down and around some great 2-track roads and some rocky, steep ORV trails! The skid plates earned their keep again and Ron’s towrope was not needed. Back at the campground, the canoe went in the water and the lures went back on the poles. It was windy and had no bites, but it was still good just to be experiencing the sunny warm day. As the afternoon settled down and the winds decreased, the reflections on the peaceful, pristine little lake grew and grew, showing duplicates of downed trees in the water and towering pines reaching for the sky-the one in the water and the one above it! The white birch trees showed up starkly against the golden flowers and deep green foliage on the bank. With a sigh, we called it quits for the evening and closed the door behind us on our mobile motel.

Tuesday, September 16th was our travel day home but thankfully – not straight home! We HAD to stop at Frank’s Sporting Goods store on Rt 13 just north of Bay City. And we can NEVER go thru Standish without shopping at Norman’s or the Dollar Store. And an extra treat was Birch Run Outlet Mall near Frankenmuth. Harry goes to the Coleman Store and this time I was looking for windbreaker jackets to replace my very warn blue patch jacket so I shopped at several places. Home in time to see if Fall had beat us there! She hadn’t but she is close!