Saturday, December 29, 2007

Leaving Mexico with no purchases made and nothing to declare entering back into the US of A

Busy, moving on to the next store to do more shopping

The ladies shopping in one of the stores in Progresso Mx.

Walking over the Rio Grande into Mexico. No bars on the bridge over the river , you can jump off the bridge here if you want to swim the river.

A view from the bridge crossing from the U.S. into Mexico. Note the bars at each end of the bridge which keeps people from jumping from the bridge before they reach immigration on the U.S. side

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas afternoon

Sure is better then scraping the frost off the windows or clearing the snow from the walks
Merry Christmas
Harry & Bobbi

Christmas Morning

Checked the weather outside the window no snow. O well must be time to head to the pool

This is our home for the next week here in S. Texas

Dec 24 th

Had to make a booze run to Mexico.
Step 1 Stop at duty free store make purchase
Step 2 Cross the river.
Step 3 Make a big U turn and back to the U.S.

Monday, December 24, 2007


MONDAY Happy Christmas Eve everyone !
No, this is not Santa checking his list twice. It's H trying to get the wifi hooked up and working so we can do the blog from "home" instead of some library.


SUNDAY Our new taxi driver, Bud drove and we
went to enjoy the drive thru lights in Hidalgo, a little town 20 miles or so west of here. Competition for the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo. We wore light jackets to walk thru the maze of lights and didn't have to worry about the snow!

Sunday Morning ! GOOD MORNING TEXAS ! Isn't this a great way to start the day ? We enjoyed our 1st cup of coffee, looking out the "dining room" window, before hooking up and heading south to Harlingen Texas. We FINALLY met up with Bud and Carol, our dear friends from Lambertville, Mich. We will be at the Palm Court with them till Jan 3rd when we will go wandering again for a bit.


Thursday - Saturday - Not the sparkling white
beaches like up north but waterfront none the less! We rode our bikes up and down the beach on the very ample sidewalk to tour the Lexington, a WWII aircraft carrier. H got in trouble because he deleted in error a whole bunch of neat pictures that I had taken of the boat/ ship!

FRIDAY - Our campground is right out around the end of the long beach in the background. We rode our bikes on the big sidewalk that goes between the resorts and the USS Lexington. What a huge ship! Watched a really good movie about jet fighter pilots before we went up and down all the stairs/ ladders, saw all the airplanes, the Pearl Harbor display and all the rest. I think H was most impressed with the engine rooms and how they communicated from the bridge.

Yes ! I have yet another patch for my very croweded blue jacket !

Harry did not want to go up in the bridge part of the tour but after a bit of fussing , he relented and climbed up those steep DARK stairs. He now says he's glad he did! What a view! Ofcourse, it was also neat sitting in the captain's chair and doing some imagining. The trick to climbing back down those steep dark stairs - - - do them backwards - just like going down a ladder. MUCH easier!