Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thur. Jan 31

Hard to believe - - - we’ve been gone from Lambertville for OVER 2 months. We’ve seen a lot and done a lot. Just not as much in the last 3 weeks. Seems we’re kind of anchored here at Sunshine RV Park and we’ve not “wandered” as much, due a lot to the “goofy “ weather, I suppose.

But then, looking back, we’ve been to Mexico 4 times at 3 different border crossings/ 2 different towns. We’ve been up and down the roads in Harlingen so many times that now Harry knows his way around pretty good. We’ve shopped at all the “best” stores – Target, Wal-Mart, Penny’s, Sears, and even a Big Lots. Today was a new little shop – “Tuesday Morning”. We’ve been to 2 National Park Wildlife Refuges. - Yesterday was the Santa Ana NWF and walked 2 miles, stood on the bank of the Rio Grande River and could have fallen into Mexico. We climbed a 40 ft tower and even saw some Chachalaca birds ( Cha –Cha – lah –kah) which look like a cross between a Mourning Dove and a Pheasant. We’ve eaten at a half dozen good Mexican restaurants- but don’t ask us what we ate ! It was all yummy ! Harry is needing more Pepcid !! We’ve been to 2 ice cream socials and a fish fry here in the park. We have miles on our bikes and almost as many in our sandals. A week ago we went to a really good craft show here which has given me a new batch of ideas for next Christmas. And this weekend is a parkwide garage sale.

We’ve met some very nice folks who we would like to keep in touch with after we leave. Just the other day we met and spent time with Rich and Sally from White Cloud Michigan! Next door to us are Tony and Caroline from New Jersey; Jean across from us is from Missouri; Larry and Ruth are also from Missouri but he has family in Lima! There’s the rowdy group that cheers for Ohio State. Down the way, they’re from Zanesville and Newark! Today we had Joel and Carol from out on South Padre Island come and visit. Next summer I hope we can visit with them up on Mullett Lake!


Monday, January 28, 2008

We must be staying in Disney World. This Mickey Mouse weather is really Goofy! One day the lows are in the 40s and the highs are lucky to make 50.and the next day the low is in the high 60s and the high is 80. I guess that is the normal weather pattern here. Well today is a nice day so off with the winter coats and it is time to hit the pool, good thing they keep it at a constant 81 degrees.

We have a trip planned to Monterrey, Mx. For Feb.7th Monterrey is Mexico’s third largest city, and it is approximately 150 miles from here. We get on a bus here in Harlingen at 6:30 in the morn and get back late the same day. People from here said it was a very nice tour with a great meal. This gives us a change to see what Mexico looks like in this area away from the boarder, and I don’t have to drive.