Thursday, March 13, 2008


Darn it !

On Monday March 10th we said farewell and Thank you to the owners of the Singing Hills Campground and once again, pointed the truck to the north. Our intent was to stay a night at the Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana, however, the campground was full of snow, mud and had NO facilities open. We had visited the park several years ago on another trip and were looking forward to exploring it further. Oh well. We did enjoy a delicious soup and salad buffet lunch in the lodge, overlooking the Ohio River and watched the coal barges pushing their cargo on the river. Our next stop was Hueston Woods State Park in Oxford Ohio and then Grand Lake St Mary’s State Park near Wapakoneta – same at both campgrounds – no facilities open. We chose to come on home and arrived about 9pm.

Since our waterbed has been unplugged for the last 103 days we were still “camping” as we slept on an air mattress with sleeping bags in the TV room! Our Tuesday was clean out the camper and wash the truck day. I am trying to overcome my trip lag and get something constructive done!

To all of you who went with us on our Winter Texas Adventure, via this blog – We thank you for traveling with us! To all of our new friends that we met along the way - We hope to meet again!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mammoth Cave Kentucky

Surprise! After a few phone calls to campgrounds near Mammoth Cave National Park we pulled out from Nashville and headed north on US65 and parked at Singing Hills Campground in Cave City Kentucky just 5 miles from the National Park. The campground owners greeted us with a plowed campspot. Sunday morning was beautiful with its blue skies and sparking white snow on the dark wet earth background. The National Park has a resident group of deer that looked up to watch us pass. We enjoyed most of the subteranian adventure that took us deep under the ground- 500 total steps down. 280 ON THE INITIAL DESCENT!! Down and around and around and down!! Once we stopped falling- I started to enjoy the venture! Harry still has my fingerprints in his shoulder! He makes a wonderful assist person for this old blind lady.
The campground is a small area of a former tobacco plantation. There is a very old, very worn looking cedar tree that was cluttered with all the robins that we saw in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It's working - - they are keeping up with us! The tree looks like a squatty Christmas tree and the robins, cardinals and bluejays are all of the ornaments. Yes - we have pictures to show!
Sunday afternoon- the snow is almost all gone, the sky has not a cloud in it and the temps are mid 40's! ANOTHER gorgeous day! Monday morning we will move up the road a bit farther and will look for a spot on the Ohio River.