Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Again

It always seems like the last blog entrée takes a few days after we return home for the last pictures to be downloaded and I find enough time to sit and type. It is now a week after our trip to Pennsylvania.

Our last day at the Allegheny National Recreation Campground was a pleasant one, just kicking back and relaxing! We finally got to visit with the folks in the Aerolite fifth wheel and found out that the old gentleman has retired from NCR! A long time before Harry was! And he was a pilot! No wonder he had trouble backing in that camper - - - pilots don’t back up!!

Our last day was marred only by the jerk who pulled in at 10 30 at night in a huge diesel truck with a huge 3 axle fifth wheel. They woke up the whole campground, I think. Oh well, we were up early on Monday and got on our way home. But our last view as we left the Allegheny forest was the sighting of a bear sitting in a dense field of wildflowers, eating her breakfast!

The boat was repaired by Wednesday and is ready to go back in the water! Harry has now also sold his beloved Suzuki Samurai (see our last trip) and is soothing his loss by shopping for a new Jeep with a skid plates for off roading and a tow package to pull the trailer!

Be sure to check this page in September for our next venture! See you then!