Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moss Park

Moss Park

Saturday was our last full day at Edward Medard County Park and we did our best to fill the day, especially since there were to be no more frost warnings. We were to go canoeing/kayaking with friends Donnie and Diane from Chattanooga Tennessee but we both heard that the Hillsborough River from Crystal Springs down to the state park was lacking in water so we chose instead to go eat one more delectable strawberry shortcake. What a lunch! Every bite was cherished since it was to be our last fresh shortcake for awhile. Since the weather had warmed up, our last bike ride around the park and up along the levee that kept the reservoir contained, resulted in seeing 5 alligators and another seashell added to my collection.

Sunday was moving day and we were on our way after our final goodbyes to D&D. Love those Tennessee accents! In Winter Haven we made a wrong turn and found Harry’s Family Restaurant in time for breakfast – the homefries were made with redskin potatoes and onions.

Our journey to Moss Park was delayed a bit longer with a stop at a HUGE flea market on Rt 92 and was surprised to see Bud and Carol there! They are spending their winter down in Lake Placid and were there at the flea market shopping with some friends. What a coincidence that our paths should cross there!

Moss Park is one of our most favorite campgrounds in Orange County and has been added to and improved since our last stay. The new campground is not as close to the boat launch anymore but the spaciousness and resort quality “facilities” make up for it. As always in the past, the welcoming committee of sandhill cranes came by to see us as soon as we were set up. Then there were the 3 armadillos! This morning there was a herd of 5 deer that ambled thru our yard - right after the flock of turkeys scratched their way along. H feels like he’s parked in Jurassic Park with all the critters and their noises – chattering raccoons that leave their dirty footprints all over the Jeep and also remove lids from the garbage cans, harsh squawking sandhill cranes who enjoy pecking at shiny Jeep bumpers, screeching hawks and a multitude of chirping songbirds. Then, when the sun goes down the frogs chime in! The background hum behind all these sounds is the hundreds of airplanes taking off and landing at Orlando International Airport.

We spent Monday on the road, exploring Rt 192 which dissects southern Orlando and Kissimmee- remembering the places we’d been before, and checking out the Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney in case we can get in there for H’s birthday weekend. Go figure- we found the closest and best wifi at the local Police Dept parking lot and this blog will be mailed from there.

Tuesday’s weather was supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees so the canoe finally came off the Jeep and was slid into the water. We even got to fish! My first cast resulted with that 14-inch crappie! Within the ½ hour, there were 2 fish on the stringer. That was my limit for the day and H added 2 additional small released fish to the total catch. My fish were plenty for supper and they were almost as good as Michigan Crappie!