Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rain in Texas

Thru.eve Jan. 24th
That cold spell that you are getting up north has found its way down here to south Texas. It has been cold and rainy here for the last couple of weeks. Today’s high was only 51 degrees, with rain. Only had a couple of days in the pool this week.
This cold spell is very expensive. No lounging around the pool on these cold days, so it is off to the shopping centers. Bobbi had to go to the huge outlet mall that is just down the road and go shopping. She ended up with a new pair of shoes and I a Cribbage set, for something to do on these rainy days. On the way to the outlet mall we stopped at a u-pick citrus farm and picked a 5 gal. bucket of grapefruit, for $2.00, I told the owner I can’t see how he can make any profit at those prices. Nice sweet, big grapefruits. He took us and another couple out into the grove on a little trailer hooked on the back of his Honda Big Red three wheeler, and pointed out the best fruit to pick. He told us if we pick a grapefruit and think we didn’t want it, just throw it on the ground and pick another. He said he didn’t want any bad fruit to leave his farm and that he would inspect it again before we left to make sure we had only good fruit.
The weather reports say we are to have one more day of this cold rainy weather and it will warm up into the 80s by Sunday and into next week. The weather here is like a roller coaster with the ups and downs, unlike home, our downs haven’t gotten to the freezing point.
Have to make another trip into Mexico. Went to Wal-Mart to get my Rx filled and they wanted $85 . Last month it was $30. Found out I have a $75 deductible on my medicine insurance that I have to meet every year. So it is down to Mexico and buy it over the counter for $29. The insurance co. said to save the receipt and it would count against my deductible.
The longer this rainy cold weather stays the smaller this trailer gets. The rain must make it shrink , glad it wasn’t any smaller when we started.