Monday, November 2, 2009

October Colors

October Colors

Ah, that elusive Wifi! After traveling the dark roads of the State Park, looking for the Lodge where there SHOULD HAVE BEEN Wifi - - - we discovered that the “Lodge” was just a restaurant/meeting room/ swimming pool structure with NO lodging for the night and NO Wifi! Obviously to the most casual observer – our next Wifi encounter was at home - - where we now are.

Sunday morning was cool and partly cloudy and the campground was emptying fast so we thought the trails to Old Man’s Cave would be fairly quiet. We parked in the campground entrance parking lot and walked from the very beginning of the trail, across the old arched bridge and then down into the damp, deep gorge that was blanketed with newly fallen golden leaves. We criss-crossed numerous bridges over the narrow ribbon of cold water that was trickling down along the valley floor after falling from under the arched old bridge that we had previously crossed over. We trekked up and across the new pedestal bridge – an addition since the last flood removed several other old bridges. Neat bridge! Individual platforms/pedestals at various heights, which stepped up and over the stream. And I marveled at the Devils Bathtub – a swirl of a basin in the shape of an oval tub! The further we walked, the more crowded the paths became - with both pedestrians and their assortment of yapping dogs. I love dogs – but NOT in crowded public places – especially if the animals have not been taught how to behave. Old Man’s Cave is always an amazing sight with its deep-set cave and its own set of bridges and the multitude of climbing and then descending steps!

Back at the campground, it was time to finish packing the trailer for travel and be on our way. Sunday afternoon was a pleasant ride as we meandered north, up thru Mount Vernon to park for the evening in Mt Gilead at the state park there. No facilities to speak of except electricity but for one night we were just fine. What the park lacked in amenities it made up for in the rich orange views overlooking the small lake at the bottom of the hill. On Monday morning the reflections on the still water were quiet glowing!

Lily, H’s handheld GPS (Lola is the GPS in the minivan) took us right to the driveway of a friend of H’s who used to live in Swanton and now lives just north of Mt Gilead. Jerry was out working in his garage and welcomed us in to sit and chat awhile with he and his wife Barb. The conversation varied from living in Swanton Ohio to living down in Florida and working vs retirement! On the road again, H HAD to take a side trip up to Shelby for a stop at the local sporting goods store there. It’s a good thing I was there to help him carry him carry his purchases to the car! From there it was on up Rt 20 to US 23 and finally home.

It is now just about one week later. The trailer is spit shined once more and tucked back under its protective covering of silver gray tarp. We’ve had rain and wind since we’ve been back in Michigan so the yard has been mowed and the leaves are either raked into the flowerbeds or hauled off to the vegetable garden to be tilled in once spring arrives in 5 more months. My newly purchased tulip and daffodil bulbs have been deposited deep in their new resting places in the various flowerbeds out in the yard - also awaiting warmer, sunnier weather. Doctor and dentist appointments have been made and preparations for our next departure have begun. Reservations for favorite campgrounds have been secured. The packing has started. The Christmas cards are even down out of the attic – stacked and ready for addresses. After Thanksgiving the push will be on! Soon after that, we’ll be “On the Road Again”! Be sure to come with us!