Sunday, April 9, 2017

Heading Home

Okay, H “did” the last blog!  Did you like his style?  Did you learn anything about Salt Springs in the Ocala Forest?   You did learn that H has a terrible time getting into his kayak tho, didn’t you!  He does like to jump into things headfirst!!   Yes, he is getting pretty good at taking pictures with his new drone.  And - of course you also saw that it was a very warm sunny day when we ended up on Daytona Beach for our beach-walk.   There was a lot of “nature” strolling up and down those beautiful beaches that day.

 But alas, our 2-week stay in the forest was used up and it was time to head north.  The route H chose took us up Rt 301 to Rt 23 and on north into Georgia, past the Okefenokee Swamp and into the Laura Walker State Park.  Oops!  Spring Break and they were full so we pressed on north!  Staying on Rt 23 till McRae, we switched to Rt 441 and then I remembered the pretty golf course as we passed by it and entered the Little Okmulgee State Park.  Luckily we found an almost level site with a parking pad long enough for both the tan train and the bright blue truck because H was hoping to not have to unhook the truck for just one nights stay.
KOA in Georgia
In years past, we got to know dear folks, Gene and Bobbie from Eatonton Georgia.  Gene has passed on but every once in a while our paths cross with Bobbie and on this Day 2 in Georgia we met her for breakfast near her hometown.  Our destination for the day was a “resort” on the other side of her town and a sprawling Lake Oconee.  H and I had endured a sales spiel at a Wally World RV Resort in Ohio a year ago and as a result were issued passes for free camping at some of their organizations other camping resorts.
Since the price for this hilly, old KOA campground was right – we signed up for 3 nights.  “HILLY” is using the term mildly – VERTICAL is a little bit closer.  The bathhouse was at the bottom of the steepest hill!  They put us in the transient, very narrow sites near the top of the hill - of course!  The view of the lake and park from H’s drone in the sky is much more impressive!  The building to the left of center is the bath house/meeting room area.  Below that are a swimming pool and several shelters.  BELOW that is another row of camping sites and then the hill that ran down to the water finally!  Bobbie came to spend the afternoon with us and we three even attempted to play putt-putt golf on the rundown, falling down old course.  After just 2 nights, H and I had had enough and we pulled out – heading north again.
The road from there was hazy. No, really – on and off fog, drizzle and heavy gray clouds along with wind for most of the ride home!  At one high spot in the road we crested a “mountain”, driving thru a low hanging cloud!  On the downward side the sun was shining but then it was back into gray again.  Up thru North Carolina, across the western tip of Virginia where you could look out over the landscape that looked like a miniature train setup, and then the eastern tip of Tennessee – right past the “scenic turnout” where we had stopped 3 years ago, with the smoking wheel on the Rockwood Trailer.

Warriors Path State Park, which sits between Johnson City and Kingsport Tennessee, is named for the Cherokee War and Trading Path.  It is located on the Patrick Henry Reservoir on the Holston River. There are 134 campsites and the bathhouses were new in 2015.  Spring Break - this park was crowded too but it was fine for one night!
Boat ramp at Warriors Path St. Pk.
Rt 23 led us up thru Kentucky to the expansive bridge that crosses the Ohio River and on to Portsmouth Ohio.  The Shawnee State Park was just west of town and was open.  However – this elderly state park obviously was not accessible for anything bigger or longer than a pop-up camper.  We drove around the entire campground and finally settled on a semi level site with enough space behind it that we could back in on an angle.  We had to stop JUST before the backset of wheels went off the pavement and into the muck OR the spare tire that is mounted on the back bumper ended up in the mud on the incline behind the site.  The tongue of the trailer was at the road’s edge and the truck was delegated to park across the way in another empty site.  No problem – there was only one other camper parked in the entire campground!  The biggest problem was the broken water line which meant NO running water ANYWHERE in the campground for several hours.  The gracious lady at the park headquarters let us fill our jugs with fresh, clean water!  Rustic camping!

So, now we’re home.  Time for the Spring Chores to begin!   The flowerbeds are full of Chickweed and Creeping Charlie.  The lawn is scattered with sticks and branches from all the winter damage.  Lots of dead pine trees are lying splayed across the backyard.  And my tomato seeds need to be planted!