Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fort Myers area

2010 was the last time we were able to get a spot in WP Franklin Corp of Engr Lock and Dam Campground on the island in the middle of the Caloosahatchee River that connects Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico.  We feel very fortunate to be back now!  There are only 29 campsites and all face the water – either on the busier lock and dam side or on the quieter back side of the island.  On some days, the lock is busy with all size of boats/vessels that pass thru on their way up or down the dark tannic colored river.

On ALL days, there is an abundant amount of feathered wildlife that strolls past each site at the waters edge, scouring the shallow edges looking for small shells that contain lunch - Limpins, Egrets, Little blue herons, other little shorebirds and ducks.  In the trees and on the fences, you’ll find Mockingbirds and finches!

 BUT – our side of the island has the privilege each day of seeing the bald eagle that roosts in the tall tree right across the channel!  Yesterday that regal bird had an immature eagle that flew with him and roosted on the other side of the tree!  Bud and Carol were here having lunch and enjoying the experience with us when a crow perched near the dark colored youngster and repeatedly taunted him!  The big kid persevered and the pesky intruder finally gave up and flew away!   If you double click on the picture showing our view – you can see both eagles in the top of the tree! 

And you’ve already viewed our phenomenal sunsets!   The above sunset was taken from the causeway that joins the island to the “mainland”.   Our site is on the left, almost to the end of the island, just across from the farthest set of pylons.
A great spot to launch H’s sweet little radio controlled sailboat!  The large pylons make a great slalom course.  The neighbors even enjoyed seeing the bright pink sails “zip” by!  And the bright orange kayaks are always nearby incase of an emergency and a rescue needed!
And here is our new winter home – a 2015 Hemisphere!  It is a bit longer and heavier than our Rockwood was but it is what was available closest to the size of and what we had in the Rockwood.  Neither of us wanted to go bigger but this “condo” is beautiful!  LOTS of windows, LOTS of kitchen counter space, LOTS of oak cabinetry and a comfy leather couch and recliners!  H has claimed his spot in the recliner so he can put his feet up and gaze out even more big windows than before!  Me?  I am a woman – who wouldn’t be thrilled with more counter space AND a pantry??!!
Our days of exploring and adventures have begun – we’ll tell you more about those next time!