Wednesday, February 3, 2016

LATE POST Forgot about posting this last month. Belated Trimble Park

It’s not summertime but in Trimble Park the livin’ is easy.  The days have melted together and have formed another mellow memory.  The dappled sunlight bounced off the water as the afternoons progressed and would dance up and down the trailer walls – on the days that still had any sunshine.

See the tall oaks standing above the trailer?   One morning while watching the morning news and enjoying our first cup of coffee, a barrage of noise clattered on the roof of the trailer and the roof of the slide that we were sitting under.  It sounded as if a herd of squirrels were throwing acorns at a target suspended above our heads.  H went out to investigate and saw a big, crazed Pileated Woodpecker beating his head on a dead branch, using his sharpened beak like an axe to peck off chips of wood that fell like rocks to the trailer roof below.
On one of our walks around the park, H almost stepped on a 5ft long stick that was laying in the dusty roadbed – except I hollered and the stick moved!
Next came the suspense of not knowing if the coiled up threatened reptile was a rattler or not.  Its tail shook like it had rattles and its cheeks were flared.  After several other campers heard the ruckus and came to see the commotion – we all learned the snake was a Yellow Rat Snake whose actions mimic a rattlesnake to scare predators away.  It almost worked!
    The roar of the DeHaviland Beaver seaplane that we had the thrill of riding in last year flew low over the park EVERY day.  We would hear the deep rumble of the engine way before we could see the plane cruise slowly over the treetops and slide across the opening in the tree canopy before heading out over the open water in front of us.  One day while out “exploring” Mt Dora we stood on the city docks and watched him aim his sturdy craft into the wind and charge thru the waves and splay the water away as he took off into the sky. 

Added to our growing list of “NEW” friends are Barbara and Ron from Englewood Florida. She and I found out we have lots of stuff in common!  And Jeff, proud owner of a gorgeous old motor coach, graciously gave me yarn that was his wife’s before she passed away this past year.  I started a prayer shawl and was fortunate to have it partially completed so he could see how pretty it was going to be when finished.  As you knit a prayer shawl, it is customary to pray for the cancer patient who will receive it.  This shawl was prayed over for that lady, for my dear friend still up in Ohio who is just now going thru chemo for cancer and also in remembrance of this lady whose yarn it was.

Well, our 2 weeks have passed quickly.  The weather highs and lows have passed just as fast.   Our next destination is farther south in Sebring at Highlands Hammock State Park.  The weather forecast for moving day is rain and wind.