Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas on the Beach

On Christmas Day, while walking on the snow-white sandy beach in 80 degree weather - we came upon these two snowmen who were lounging in the warm sunshine.  Did they really think they could lie out in the Florida sun and not melt?  Did they also mistake the sand for snow?   Didn’t they ever listen to “Frosty the Snowman”?   What was to become of them?

On one of our exploration ventures we found a road that took us out on a guardian peninsula that protects the harbor and all the moored vessels in the bay.  Mansions line the narrow roadway but at the end of it is a long narrow sandy public beach dotted with scrub and clumps of sea oats and a heron that thought he was invisible as long as he stood perfectly still.  The opposite side of the beach is the gulf and a tall white dune of sand separates the two.  From this vantage point you could see all the elbow-to-elbow vessels backed into narrow berths with their sterns up against the long wooden boardwalk.  On one end of the boardwalk was the multi layer shopping area with the normal tourist tee shirt shops, a mammoth resort, and a handful of restaurants and bars.  A lighthouse, a pirate ship, zip line towers and palm trees strung with lights complete the collection.

We returned to the Harbor Walk Village side of the bay as the sun was setting and the lights on the docks were starting to slowly illuminate the pathways. We came across this beautifully preserved and painted tree and had to read the large historic sign posted near it. It had once been a 40-foot Magnolia tree that was over 100 yrs old.  In honor of Captain Leonard Destin, it has been preserved and carved with all kinds of sea life.  Double click and see how many creatures you can find.  See the swimmer with his long black flippers?  The eagle?  The other side also has a large sea turtle and sailfish!

Reminiscent of the Christmas Parade, the local pirate ship and tourist ferryboat were still decorated for the holidays and their multicolored lights danced on the now dark waters below as they quietly rested at their mooring.

Pleasure boats were returning to harbor and seabirds where heading for their roosts as the sun settled into the clouds on the far horizon on the distant side of the silhouetted bridge that connects the Oskaloosa barrier island to Destin.

The Christmas Season is in full glory at the Bass Pro Shop and the adjoining modern mall that surrounds it like a village!   Topiary reindeer line the streets, music fills the air and the highlight of it all is the tall, wonderfully decorated Christmas tree in the center square!  A colorful child sized train chugged from one end of the mall area to the other, carrying its small sized passengers as it traveled along.

OH, by the way – H has instructed me to assure you all that he has rescued the melting snowmen and they are being iced down so they will survive to spend another Christmas Holiday with us!!!  COOL!!

We’re hoping your Christmas was blessed and your expectations were fulfilled.

Stay with us – we’re moving again!