Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lake Placid

The intent was to be up early and be on the road before the 20 – 30 mph winds started.  H chose to drive south/southeast on RT 41 to the crossroad RT 29 and head north.  Then the winds started battering us. The gusts were stronger when the roadsides opened up from the scrub woods to open cattle pastures or farm fields.  On Sunday the winds were not as strong at Camp Florida RV Resort but still way too strong to put the awning out!  Each day that followed we saw the winds lessen and lessen until we finally were able to get that awning unrolled.

That Sunday evening, the TV news brought word about a monster wildfire that was ravaging the Picayune State Forest.   In our last blog I mentioned our scenic trip that ended up taking 4 hours to get out of - that was the Picayune forest!! The rectangle of land that is bordered on the north by east/west I75, on the west by Collier Blvd, on the south by south/east RT 41 and on the east by RT 29 is/was that dry wooded area. The northern half of that area – 7600 acres have now been destroyed by this “man made” caused mass of flames and fueled by the 20-30 mph winds. After a week of fighting this out of control wildfire it was still only 50% contained. 

Bud and C winter home

We HAD to stay at Camp Florida!  H had a “package” being delivered to Bud’s winter home and H wanted to get it and start playing with his new toy.  H is now a registered, licensed drone pilot.  Once all the winds settled down he made good use of the sunny weather to practice his flying prowess!  Now we have lots and lots of pictures of the top of the trailer with us standing next to it!   Our neighbor from that park also wants one of his own now!  D and his wife J have the same first names as one of my sons and of H’s daughter!  What an easy way to remember them by!  And these great folks are from Michigan!
Camp Florida is a lovely RV Resort set in the rolling hills of south central rural Florida.  There are activities everyday and all day. The large heated salt-water pool sits next to the lake and across the parking lot from the activities building, which, is next to the shuffleboard, tennis and boucie ball courts!  There are enough hills in the park to wear out your legs if you attempt to go up and down them too many times in the day!

Camp Florida is a few miles south of Lake Placid the city and Lake Placid the lake - which is only one of the many picturesque lakes that dot this gently rolling region!  Lake Placid the city is the Caladium Capitol!  Surrounding the small town are dark muck like fields of recently planted Caladium bulbs.  Bud took us to one of the commercial growers and Carol and I both got to select our favorite colorful plant choices but in fat brown bulb form to bring home!  Lake Placid is also famous for its 48 colorful murals but I never got a chance to get any pictures because IF we were in town – we were going somewhere – to the Elks Club for steak dinner or to one of the neat Mexican Restaurants!  And now there’s no time – our week is up and it’s time to move north again.